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I am an Advocate for Approval Voting - letting the voter vote for more than one candidate, remove the vote for only one restriction. With our current system, third parties sabotage their philosophical allies; attempts to vote a third party are wasted, and we are left with two party dominance. Approval Voting will let all of us vote for all the candidates we like. This will minimize spoilers, I'll be able to vote for both a third party candidate and the electable candidate. Approval Voting will give voice to minorities, elect moderates and evaluate strength of factions. My political philosophical beliefs are from both major parties: I am socially tolerant (Dem) and fiscally responsible (Rep claim) - I am a Libertarian as evidenced by my score on the World's Smallest Political Quiz. Currently, I feel like I'm buying pants, and they are forcing me to choose between pants with a zipper or with a wallet pocket; I want both. I want both social tolerance and fiscal responsibility.
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The apparent solution exasperates the problem. Granted that is the more generic definition. More specifically, the definition is physician induced. To me this emphasizes: stay aware of the bigger problem.
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Our 15 year old son has adopted "whatever" as his current life mantra.
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