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It's always easy for me to be self critical as I reflect on any decision or task any my personnel achievement of choice. To describe me in a few words it I would say that I am a fair individual who puts himself first in any situation to be desired with a favourable outcome so that others should be treat fairly the way I would desire it for myself. I am a team player who believes that no one individual can be solely responsible for a outcome capable of effective the lives of many. I find it easy to foresee the importance of where my strengths n weaknesses would effect the outcome in both a positive n negative manner. I am very family oriented individual and have great respect for my parents, sibling, wife and kids whom I see at the top of my life chain. I consider my friendship with honesty n fairness clear of any greed to want in return. I enjoy sports and it's competitiveness as I find it challenging on two fronts the later being trying different strategies to improves ones self and
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Favorite Word:

It's empathising how important a task is pertaining to its course of outcome. A meaning to indicate the urgency of having detailed attention to the matter at hand. I use it so I make my subordinates realise the pressure of the situation and it's relevant outcome based on the efforts implemented by each individual collectively as a group. It also assist with providing more emphasis on the issues that require execution of the task at hand. It's showcases trust of responsibility and encouragement.

Least Favorite Word:

Because is a way to exemplify the reason behind choice where one has failed to accomplish its true understanding or unstable reasoning. Its a sound of excuse and failure to accept ones decision on an unfavourable outcome. Because to me is a word that is described when an individual is looking at creating an excuse for a situation where he or she fails to accept the approach of acceptance. In the business world it's Never a positive word considered while explaining ones ability in describing a si