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63 years young, widower, 7 children, 18 grandchildren, none of which live in the same state I live in.
35 years a graphic designer, semi-retired, active interest in "conservative", "Constitutional" politics and Judeo-Christian ethics as the force for good in the world. "Former" Republican til they moved too far left and now I am a registered "independant".
Tollerate "Bull Excrement" for only so long then have to "cut to the chase". Truth has to have a "foundation" and "evidence" not just a "feeling". Love "Topical" discussions.
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Truth is a ROCK. It can be trusted to stand on. It is consistant, immutable, and eternal. Though temporarily concealed, it will ALWAYS find it's way to the surface and expose the lie. It is LIGHT that reveals. Liars and workers of evil hate it and won't come to it because it will expose their evil deeds. That's why they don't like TRUTH in "Politics", in particular.
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Least Favorite Word:

To be deceitful is to be a fraud. It has no courage to face others or oneself as to who and what they are. It smiles and talks nice to your face while lending support to your demise either personally or vicariously through the actions of others. Once you're known as "deceitful", you're scarred for life. Giving into deceitful thoughts leads to deceitful actions which erodes the "TRUST" others have in you. No one likes a "deceitful" person, even the deceitful person can't trust them.
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"You shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free."
- Jesus Christ, the ONLY begotten Son of God

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Dubiously Distinguished


Suffrage and Language
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