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I love to play word games all the time with my family which is apparently is not normal for teens. So when my new teacher to the school said" were going to expand your vocabulary, when i was in university we took studies that showed that teens had the least word choices. So in class were going to listen to 44 different songs. Choosing one word to describe the twenty seconds you hear of each song.You may not repeat any word so they're will be 44 different words. After doing this activity i learned that i didn't know as many as i thought i did.In class where going to work on vocabulary but also i am on this website.

After school i juggle work, school homework and helping my mom cook and practicing my piano.
I enjoy English class because my teacher is very open and makes it interesting. He does not see to be whatever attitude or the you have to learn this. He makes comparations to himself and he also tells a lot of jokes. The semster just started a couple of days ago but i am exitied.
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reconnaissance is my favorite word because it really good descriptive word. An example of a case is in Obama's speech we did not cover this in class but when i read this word on your website it referred me to his speech. Which after reading this word show cased its definition in engaging way for the audience. It seemed to fit what he was saying and no other word could of had that build up he used to intrigue the audience.
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"Anxious means to look with fear,dread or loathing about something to happen in the future, But everyone else uses it like they are looking forward with glee or happiness or eagerness. This is quoted from this website http://www.vocabula.com/vrworstwords.asp. Ithought of this word Anxious and i could not think of why i didn't like it. There was something about this word. So i searched it up in good ole Google and this came up. I completely agree with this.
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