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I write in journals when I should be out with friends. I get in sparring rings and kick boys as a form of catharsis. Sometimes, I lose. I passed out after I read my black belt essay to my evaluation panel. I drink too much coffee. I have too many author pictures and quotations and vocabulary words on my bedroom walls. I get too excited about academic things. I fear vulnerability, but I believe. I walk home alone at night. My best friend lives across the street. I like vanilla and candles, especially when they go together. My family is my refuge. I had the read-the-dictionary-during-recess phase in third grade. I should be writing a newspaper article right now. I love the second person because it's a compromise. I'm growing up. I blast Taylor Swift ballads when I drive down the highway.
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Because it comes from Latin "effervescere", meaning "to boil up". In our culture, emotional boiling is usually associated with heated anger, but the word "effervescence" carries the opposite connotation in our language-- a lively, bubbly vivacity that has energy, but the kind you want to feel. I like how both the antecedent and our English word have emotion in it, but the feeling of the emotion didn't carry over. That change is interesting to me.
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I spent two weeks at a workshop last summer, and the academic director would stand up in a lecture hall every morning and say, "I have some announcements." But he'd drag out the "ouuunnncee" in a way that made everyone wonder if he was simultaneously juggling a pint of vomit in his mouth while he said it. I can't handle the word anymore.