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I am a Christian who is in loved with God. I believe He is the creator of all and the giver of all things, even eternal life. As a believer I think of myself as a very happy and optimistic person. I love to sing and to always find the positive side in everything. I am also a teacher. A teacher should be an example, and he has an even greater responsibility for he has, whether he likes it or not, the role of leader, and those he teaches will follow his footsteps. That is why I consider myself to be autocritical, I constantly try to see my shortcomings and correct them, so that I can be of help and good to my students.
As a teacher I try to keep myself learning, reading, training. A teacher that stops learning, stops teaching effectively.
I am also a mother and a wife. I love my husband and my children. I have the blessing to see them, enjoy them, and even struggle with their battles. Each one of my children are grown up. One of them just got married. I am looking forward to grandbabies
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Because it reminds me of the greatest love of all, in that He sent his only son to die for me. The just for the unjust, He died so that we could have life. He made himself por to enrich us. He gave it all for us. And all was done out of LOVE. Loving to me is an action. Loving should be our motivation for everything we do. Human relations are certainly difficult, however, so much easier to deal with, when we show our LOVE. Love will cover multitude of errors. No that we bear all, but that we love
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I think this Word is often used very lightly. People express hatred so easily, the same over a vegetable or food they do not like, as sadly enough, over a person they do not agree with, or does not go with their ideas. It is not simply to learn to "tolerate" others, but to accept them no matter what their ideals, likes, or preferences are. If we hate, we do not show love. If we hate we segregate ourselves from others and deny ourselves the chance to grow by learning to live in common with others
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