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i am a teacher/artist. my day job is teaching painting, design, photography and printmaking to students 16-18 years at a private school. i prepare them for university and encourage them to be like 'weeds and grow anywhere'; to ask difficult questions of those that think they are their betters and dont stop till you get the answers you need. i then add, but give them the answers they want but find your own voice - they mark your work remember that.
as an artist - i paint, use video (mainly mpegs because of their grunge quality) and i use word/text layered into visual text. i actually love to find a word and then abuse/deconstruct its sound, its meaning and manipulate it any which way in an effort to find the joy of its sound. however, i often times use language in a loosely poetic fashion out loud more in the style of scat singing.
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a nice word but julia kristeva introduced a much nicer word/term; intertextuality, which i like better. i like the concept of many meanings mine, what i bring to it at the time and yours, with all the baggage you come to it with.

Least Favorite Word:

when people use this word it is often not a question per se but a demand to qualify and not an effort to expand. worse for me is the word uhmm. this sound (is it really a word), makes clanging sounds first to my ear, then messes the circuits in my head until i cannot understand what is being said to me any longer.
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"'language is a virus from outer space'. i perceive myself as the centre of the universe, as such all communications are a virus. they invade, it attaches itself to the core and multiplies, mutates and changes the original organism. i view it as darwin theory in day to day practice."
- william burroughs

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