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I am an inspirational speaker, writer, Spiritual Consultant and author, very involved with the spiritual and historic meaning of words, colors, dreams,brands and marks.

I have written many articles and books on the future and leadership. I pivot from Iowa but I am bi-coastal as a spiritual and business warrior, speaker and consultant..I am also a branding, trademark and I.P. consultant, with worldwide scope.

I got an excellent basic education in the public schools of Alabama, before they were politicized and socialized in the 1970's and after. My son on the other hand has learning disorders .

I believe there is truth in all things: consciousness, spiritual health, spiritual evolution, physical evolution . I believe that language is a powerful tool to educate, inspire and direct--as well as destroy.

One of the biggest crimes or cop-outs is using moral issues to define issues and policy, and that "there are no moral issues when you have all the facts". Dr. F.Coll
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D-Zone(TM) words like decision,delight,direction, destination and dedicate move energy. Indecision is being stuck for years or lifetime. Any decision and direction will set the stage for action, accomplishment and growth. I can decide to revise , refine or reverse my direction many times, at the speed of light by making a choice, being more dedicated and commited.
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Least Favorite Word:

it is very difficult to "try" to do anything. There has to be the will to win and do more---that is not worry or thinking, but taking steps. I ask people to show me how they "try" to pick up a pencil in lectures or courses. Most can not do it, its mental masturbation, in my opinion. Thinking too much and procrastinate are more accurate ,in my experience.
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"" There are no greater and lesser than souls,only souls at different states of consciousness""
- Dr. Francisco Coll , educator, healer, founder of Astro-Soul, Inner Peace Movement

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Suffrage and Language


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Traffic in Words
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