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I'm a retired HS math teacher and administrator. The bee has become a pleasant daily ritual, one of many which crowd my days and make me wonder how I had time to tie my shoelaces when I was working. I'm intrigued by the workings of the (aging) brain.... I've been at this over a year and I still can't spell ceruman (is that right? I have no idea.) Other new, words I learn and spell correctly right away- like splanchnic (I dreamed about splanchnic and it was on the next day's bee!)

It's been a pleasure tugging on the capes of the real spellers: Tim of Duluth, Kedarnath, Jean, Dr. Woo, Liz...back in the day it was Rosina and Jackie, but they've moved on, evidently.

Spell on!
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This is my favorite today. My son used "misle" at Scrabble, thinking it was a verb form of miserly. I challenged-it is a word! It means (and rhymes with) drizzle,...thus, "misled" has two (at least) meanings, one the familiar one. Which bring me around full circle, because for years I thought that "misled" (i.e. "deceived") was pronounced with a long i. On this misly day I ponder morosely how I was misled by misled. I still think it should be pronounced with a long i....misletov, everybody.
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This word has no other function than to make spellers crazy.

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"Sure I want to be a better person, but what then-a much better person?"
- Paraphrased from a New Yorker cartoon.