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I'm presently trying to write a self-portrait in collaboration with my daughter. My family (3 of us) are all born and raised in Denmark except for my daughter. My daughter started her first school at age 6 when we moved from Denmark to Ireland (Dublin) After Ireland we then took up residence in the US and by now we are all US citizens. As you may gather from my writing, english is not my first language.
The reason for writing a self-portrait is that the time is right. I'm 76 years of age and has spend many years traveling, working and living in many different countries. In setting up new companies all over the world I have found that the french word "Bricoleur" descibes my way of working best. The companies I have started has all been "grass root" ventures i.e. from exploring, selecting, cultivating and building a future for the company. Once on its way I then left the future management to a specialist I had trained.
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Eexperienced and well trained entrepreneur in all the diciplines of starting up grassroot ventures under different cirmstances and cultures. In my book a bricoleur is someones who does serious research and put together a complete horizontal "bricolage" and then hires and train well educated people to do the vertical stuff.(accounting, sales, manufacturing etc. etc.
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"There is "one thing" we can do and expect everything else to fall in place. It's that simple"
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