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Change is all that is Constant. While we may have NO Control over what happens to us, We have COMPLETE CONTROL over how we CHOOSE TO RESPOND (Viktor Frankl).
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Too often this word is used as a reason to not take responsibility for one's behavior. The word "should" is way too often used as the gateway to NOT doing anything. Flip Wilson's "Devil Made Me Do It" routine says it best...and is often the reason folks use to set up the Blame of Others rather than Place Responsibility Properly. Hence, the veiled joke of... While I know it's my fault, I'm going to blame you anyway...and THAT is IRRESPONSIBLE! Everyone Chooses Own Consequences!!!
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"I am a Child of God...No Lie, No More, No Less. And since God made me I'm ok cuz HE don't make no junk! And I Choose My Own Blame is Baloney!!!!"
- Russ Osmond

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