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I love learning and mentoring, and I found my niche' in instructional design and technical writing. Working under the DBA carlenek learning solutions, I have been leading the instructional design and review of ILT and on-line training materials for Adobe and Microsoft software applications, as well as for technical and hardware related certification programs. In my work, I use a thesaurus regularly. And as a visual learner, I was happy to find and join the VisualThesaurus site.

My husband, Ron, is also a talented wordsmith, writing copy for advertising and PR, as well as writing music for special occasions. We both love words and are very competitive at games like Scrabble. Ron, however, is frustratingly brilliant at crossword puzzles, but I continue to work at it!
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I have been fortunate to have a wonderful husband and children, stepchildren, and grandchildren that are a source of pride, amazement, and humor. The only word to describe what they all are to me is "blessing". I also strive to focus on what is good, and to remind myself that there are positives to be found throughout each day. These tangibles, and intangibles keep me grounded in my daily blessings.

Least Favorite Word:

If one word stops all communication, that word is "nothing". "Nothing" builds a wall between two people. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." "What are you doing." "Nothing." Silence follows the "nothing" response. It leaves me feeling shut out and not trusted. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that has a legitimate right to "nothing" is a black hole!

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"The Christian Right is neither."
- Author Unknown

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To Bee or Not to Bee?