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I have been working on my ancestry through I have had amazing luck in finding ancestors on all sides of my family. I love doing this. Finding interesting information about my family has been so satisfying. I have made contact with several relatives and they have been great in helping me to continue my research.
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What could possibly be greater than a newborn? A new life just beginning. What will life bring this new being? What will he/she look like as an adult? What will he/she do with their life, their future? So many possibilities. We pray they are treated well as a child and as an adult. We hope they make the right decisions and grow to be good honest people. But for now, nothing is sweeter than holding that newborn to your chest and praying that life will bring it everything it deserves!

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I hate it when people use the word "wit" instead of saying "with". It's not that hard to say the word "with". I see it as pure laziness. Plus "wit" and "with" are not the same words with the same meanings. What is with that??

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"Life isn't measured by the breath we take; but by the moments that take our breath away."
- Unknown

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