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While my degrees are in Studio Art, English (Creative Non-Fiction) and Business, my passion is in the intersection of those fields - namely Multimedia, especially online multimedia. Multifunctional and multifaceted communication using imagery and language, crossing both physical and social barriers and interpreted by collaboration and collective wisdom, and constantly changing meaning, moment, and monument. I don't know what it means either. I'll have to go look it up!
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A gift we give to others, something we impart, an expression from my mind to yours, a communication, a transfer from our body language, our facial expressions, our demeanor - to another, and thus a big responsibility to make sure the emotion or thought we convey is received without malice, injury or misunderstanding. And in one way communication an impossible task.

Least Favorite Word:

a very misunderstood word. To teach is not to drill, or test, pass or fail, tell or show, but to impart skills or knowledge, accustom gradually, instruct - a much better word. To teach implies structure and order, and to learn is a creative act, disorderly and artistic.

Favorite Quote:

"“No one can think clearly in the moment of shame,”"
- Charles Darwin

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To Bee or Not to Bee?

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How to Reduce Writing Shame


How to Reduce Writing Shame