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I believe in miracles~ and the Law of Reciprocity! I enjoy collecting and sharing quotes, Albert Einstein is one of my favorite thinkers. I dabble in writing poetry and I absolutely hate to read, although, I can easily get lost for hours in a dictionary or thesaurus. I love to learn and have an overactive brain I wish came with an "on/off" switch. I am totally addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook. I play daily and volunteer for my "Family". I love the outdoors and animals.
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I like the way it feels when I say it. I also enjoy it when used in the context, "She was a plethora of information." It sounds like a positive descriptor for an overabundance of something, not a negative one
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It's not so much the word I dislike, but the context(s) it is most often used in. For example: You give someone a choice and they reply, "Whatever." They don't make a choice or provide you with any clues or information about what they would have chose. Usually delivered with an "I don't care" attitude back with the assurance of placing blame if you choose incorrectly. Example: "WHATEVER!" in a snide or sarcastic tone to indicate inaccuracy as if you were stupid, lying or exaggerating
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"WEEK OF 9/1/09 Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions."
- ~Albert Einstein

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