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I am an iconoclastL a secular who believes in the seperation of state and religion. I uphold liberal values and cherish pluralism and diversity. I believe that an objective and liberal education is the road to progress and development. I believe in the right of free speech as long as it is cognizant of the sensivities of others.I strongly adhere to the idea of female emancipation and empowerment. I am an extrovert and also an incorrigible optimist. My social-value system is again liberal and I trnd to aspire to be a global citizen. I am punctual and self-disciplined; but I must confess that at times I tnd to lose my cool, especially when I see an attrocity being committed against a hapless person; which is quite common in our society. I am a voracious reader, a health freak (but easily succumbs to the lute of ice-cream!) and an insatiable student of knowledge. Geopolitics is the subject of my primary interest.
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Iconoclast demolishes fossilized ideas, medieval myths and rigid dogmas which obfuscate creative thinking and closes mind to fresh ideas. Ikonoclast takes down the walls of bigotry, nihilism and intolerance to create a paradigm shift which incubates positive attitudes, empowering him to respect diversity and pluralism. It creates an enabling mental condition to develop the capacity to listen and respect the views of others and express his own views with logic and argument.
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Its an extremely insidious state of mind, which is inimical to all positive and humane traits. It does not tolerate dissent or debate. It eschews democracy, cultural diversity, pluralism and flexibility of mind. It rejects liberalism and promotes uniformity of thinking and cultural fascim. It discards innovation in thought and action. This state of mind values statis and status quo. It is deleterious to human moral, social and economic progress; keeps the masses subjugated and abhors education.