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I write books for John Wiley and Sons Publishers, McGraw Hill, BookCrafters. I write in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Simulation and Quantitative Methods of Analysis.

I consult in both business and engineering. My website is http://jmsaconsulting.com. My work on T-Integration can best be found at (1) my website and (2)Wolfram MathWorld and (32) in the Second Edition of the CRC Conccise Enclopedida of Mathematics pp.2986, and (4) by Googling T-Integration.

My consulting is focused on the development of the Digital Flight Guidance and Control of NewSpace launch vehicles including the SpaceX Falcon9 and the Orbital Antares.

I have contracts with Wyle Labs in Houston Texas to support the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation office.

I have published books for Professional Engineers and Scientists and, now in my 70's popular science books for children and young adults.
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For my generation, life is work and work is happiness and fulfillment. Work is a word that has many meanings and applications. It is a happy work for me. I used to say to my Grandmother, "That is a woman's work." She would remind me that there is no such thing as a woman's work or a man's work, there is only WORK, so get to it! It stuck with me for 74 years.
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Hate and evil are synonyms for many of the politicians of my generation.
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""There is no such thing as a woman's work or a man's work, there is only WORK, so get to it!" "Imagination if more important than knowledge""
- Grandma Wagner & Einstein

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Messier Objects
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