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Please Standby.This "phantasmagorical–fabtastic-fantabulous" stories about my US-NAVY-Sea-Exploits will be "coming 2 a theatre near U".
Hey, what do you want w/ a "Crazy, lunatic, 'turning-into-a-pod-person' eccentric, but, poor-starving-artist writer 'want-2-B' author,is writing 24/7/366 (leap yr day, is next yr 2012) 18 hours a day, working on his first book. They are -- "Coming to take me away, ha ha. there coming to take me away hee hee, to the funny farm, where life is..."

But seriously, I will B adding some Really! interesting details about my military life, both "haps" as well as mishaps.
E.g. When my ship the USS-Nimitz (a "Bird Farm" aka aircraft carrier) cruised into Alexandria Egypt, I rode a camel thru the Sahara 2 the Great Pyramid of Cheops, & hiked & climbed & crawled inside, to where the Pharaoh was entombed. I - like most of us - assumed 'HE' was buried below the monolith. Nope,his sarcophagus was dragged 2 the top apex. He even had AC ~3000+ yrs ago.
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A "Phantasmagoria" was a "magic lantern" show [pre Thomas Edison]using a candle w/in a box,that provided an exhibition of optical effects & shadows,often giving audiences the illusions of ghosts,specters,& menacing mists. A very young lad was one of those in the audience(an audience after 1901) &although"terrified"but seeded his malleable developing imagination that one day would change the entire worlds entertainment industry history. Who was this lad? Would u believe: Walter Elias Disney?
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Word origin:500yrs ago,nice was 1st used in English,it meant "foolish or stupid."This is not as surprising as it may seem,since it came thru early French frm the Latin nescius,meaning "ignorant."By the 16thcentury,the sense of being"very particular"or "finicky"had developed.In the 19thcent.,nice came 2 mean "pleasant or agreeable"&then "respectable,a sense quite unlike its original meaning. My 2nd hated word -Dunce: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1793/whats-the-origin-of-the-dunce-cap
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""I think of six impossible things before breakfast", said the cheery Cheshire Cat to an anxious & alone Alice. To see an illustration of this scene, click or copy&paste here: http://api.ning.com/files /6hdZ0tGqRgru3Le*x9xdq4dowOdKmgXYmKLKwYEXtewM5YoYkTSBH3UJcnegbBOCBxi82F8sSS69qiNv9OAonwpT7WIp2kRe/AlicetheCheshireCat.JPG Now, I have many more fav. quotes, but let's test your movie trivia for this quote. Who & in what 1941 movie said the "magic" words, "Klatu, barada, nikto"?"
- Lewis Carrol pen-name for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon

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