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Mid career marketing, sales and business development executive. Experienced in several industries: financial services (investments); commercial architectural design, and commercial real estate development.

Design jewelry, developing my skills in photography and graphic design.

In the middle of a career change.

Happy to have the time to learn more about my passions and also that the job market is getting healthier. Hope to begin my own firm soon.

Love international travel, all types of music, art, photographry, literature, reading, exercise, yoga, comparitive religions, and much more.

Active on social media. Love twitter, Google Plus far more than Facebook. Believe Pinterest is a fantastic idea, but do not believe it's being utilized to its fullest as a marketing / sales or lead generation medium.

Cheers! Audry
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Kindness towards others is at the center of my being. There are many kind people; I benefit from their words and actions frequently. Showing kindness, such as sending someone a beautiful photo with a kind quote, or just giving someone an unexpected compliment, makes that person feel good. By hopefully causing another to feel good about themself, even for a few minutes or 30 seconds, that person may be kind to another; the reaction will occur again, and again.... Kindness can evoke peace.
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Least Favorite Word:

Anger has the capacity to ruin your life. If a person has an angry heart that anger can steal away your spirit, your soul, your happiness, making you bitter and perhaps causing you to be unkind and react to others in a bitter way. Being angry is a normal reaction to a slight, insult, mean behavior. The key is to forgive the person who caused your anger. When you forgive that person, even though they may have done a horrible, hateful action, frees your spirit. It is far better to forgive.
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Favorite Quote:

"1. "It is far easier to live with a loving heart rather than an angry one." 2. "The world is filled with unkind, mean and self centered people, love them anyway.""
- 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. 2 Mother Theresa

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