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I love the letter l - which happens to be the first letter of my name. It stands for so many things that make up me. For example,I live in Lowestoft and my favourite UK 'citybreak' is London. I was born in 'Livingstone' Africa in a place called Llilongwe. I prefer to love rather than hate, and to like than dislike. I would rather laugh than cry, and listen than speak. I am fascinated by language and linguistics. Lexicography is intriguing, lexigraphy absorbing. I choose light colours over dark and when I go on holiday I would rather leave things behind than make my suitcase heavy. I study English Literature and Liszt is one of my favourite composers. However,I don't do loud very well and I could never be described as logical. I have a fear of lizards, hate being at loggerheads with anyone and I am liable to lose documents that are important to my husband who incidentally is the love of my life along with my three children and seven grandchildren.
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"The significant problems we face cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them."
- Albert Einstein

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