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I have been a language arts teacher for the past 35 years. I love the site because it does such a great job of showing the inter-connective aspects of words. I use the site as an alternative to the linear vocabulary approach of the dictionary. I think the concept of visual thesaurus is a promising one, but I would like to see it taken to the next level in certain concrete ways. I have a lot of visual learners, English language learners, and special education learners who need to be shown the picture with the words to see the true relationship at a beginning concrete level. I realize the limitations of this for more abstract words, but I think the possibility of a visual dictionary/thesaurus is attractive. Maybe it already exists, and you could share the site with me. I have always been intrigued with the word-visual interrelatedness. Growth in language comes through turning the 2-D into real world 3-D. Thanks for providing the graphic organizer that shows the relationship of words.
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a state of mind that leads to happiness and fulfillment; a worthy goal, a focus to keep in mind, contentment where less is more and share is reality, a restful sleep that brings on dreams of joys, a tool to create a heaven on Earth, caring for others and helping them through the pains of growth, calm the high-pitched frequencies in your head, breathing steadily, relaxing, getting in touch with yourself and others, worrying less; celebrating more, seeing things as they truly are, be here now...
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being tight, snap, strain, harsh, grate, out of focus, a headache, trying too hard and getting nowhere, drowning, be full of confusing perspectives, coming to a dead end with no way out, tense, inflexible, grumpy, unhappy, holding your breathe, boredom, trapped, and going nowhere fast
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"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."
- the Beatle on Abbey Road

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