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i am simple and very moody person.i have a lot of procure in life and sometimes i am loosing hope to achieve that.i admit that i am just a poor person but still have a lot of aspirations in life.i am approachable and friendly.i always wanted to stay in peaceably place,and it is hard for me to think well if the place is not good,i mean very noisy. . full of people and a lot of garbage around. .after i took English proficiency course i found it boring to read a Tagalog books,i love reading English book especially when it comes in watching movies.i always browse my dictionary and skimming for those words that very hard to understand,i wanted to help myself to improve my vocabularies and i am willing to do anything that would help. .and now i always look for the positive outcomes,though it is hard to be on the top,i believe someday i will be there,simply because i will never let poverty control my life.i wanted to help my family for providing the best thing for them.i love them and i do..
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simply because he is the source of everything,because of him i am free now in sin.because of him i can do anything,he is worthy to be praise.the almighty and loving father,he is always choosing the best for us although we choose to focus on the things that we want without thinking if it is will harm us or not.his love is unfailing,he is the source of my strength.his love is extravagant and he is powerful.he is always with you no matter what happen,he is the only one who deserves praises and hono
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actually i wanted to wish that this word should not exist simply because this is the reason why there are lot of broken things in this world.committing sin cause so much pain to our creator,to our God.i wish i don't know how to understand this.to do as well. . why is it that committing mistakes is the most easiest task to do?why is it that being so good to everyone is very hard to handle?as for me,this is because of satan.he always makes everything easy where in out of knowledge were doing evil
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