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2012: the 2nd year a Fall Semester came around without my presence as a teacher or a student. I have retired and keep my husband company as his health issues threaten to become our focus. But because of the Internet, I have discovered a community here on the reading couch: cousins I only knew from brief summer visits (if that), faces across a congregation, fellow workers in a prison ministry and a children's council, a few former students, like-minded soul mates, gadflies who make me think, dear friends and family members I knew but now know better, friends of friends of friends, connections and interconnections, discourses, bricolage, montage, farrago, web, pastiche, collage, splatter of color, words, games, quizzes, art, photography, music, geography, geology, archaeology, history, science, faith, argument, persuasion, description, exposition, narrative, parable, proverb, poetry, poetry, poetry, and--yes--cute animals and disgusting trolls. Life outside is more alive because of it.
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Favorite Word:

Replacing bricoleur as my favorite word, farrago means something similar to bricolage and is the word that tripped up my top score on Spelling Bee. Take bits and pieces and put them together. Another good word that means something similar is juxtaposition--putting dissimilar things side by side. Maybe I should also add hoarding? My mind is a farrago. Who knows how farrago?

Least Favorite Word:

I always miss this word in the spelling bee. If I ever see a fauteuil, I'll sit on it.

Favorite Quote:

"There are three things to remember when teaching: know your stuff, know whom you are stuffing, and then stuff them elegantly."
- Lola May, quoted by a student who said I do this--wow!

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