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I retired from Boeing about four years ago after thirty-five years as a lead flightline mechanic at the Commercial Delivery Center, Boeing Field, Seattle. I liked the job and my work, meeting flight crews from all over the world, hearing about their experiences flying to countries some of which they'd never heard of.... the people they met... hearing about THEIR lives and THEIR experiences. I was married for thirty years but am now divorced, live alone with my sweetheart of a dog, "Marius." He was named, I'm told, after a famous Roman army general: "Marius Aurelius Maximus, General of the Roman Army of the North, Conquerer of the Germanic hordes, Commandant of the Pretorian Guard, Defender of the Empire. There is one other title but... wait... Marius, what else do you claim titile to? I'm looking him and he's just looking back at me with Bambi eyes. OH YES! Now I remember: "Marius: Son of Mars; God of War" (Seems like a lot of really heavy titles for one young dog. Yes?)
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I live in the Cosmos on the only planet I will ever experience, living the only life I will ever live. I find everything to be wonderful, mysterious, beautiful and profound. I have difficulty understanding others who seem so terribly involved with what I think are trivial matters: i.e. What car should I buy? Is my hair combed properly? Does my wife love me? Do I have enough money? How long will I live? etc. etc. etc. For heaven's sake! You too are living the only life you have.
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"Blast" is so over used mostly by retail merchants to describe what in fact is purely trivial... a "Huge Sale" "Prices blasted to rock bottom." etc. etc. A blast is an explosion. It's an expression of savagery and violence. Using it as a lure to the what?... the ignorant, I suppose; the greedy and the envious. We here in the U.S. do not live in "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" but rather oin "The Land of the Greedy and Home of the Envious." Sorry if I've offended.
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""Intelligence has limits. Ignorance has none.""
- Albert Einstein (Uncle Albert to me.)

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Writing and Skating
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