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I am a child of deaf parents. My childhood home was quiet enough, but filled with familiar noises (stomping on a hardwood floor to get someone's attention is one). While my high school education in a small Missouri town was sorely inadequate, I was fortunate enough to find myself along the way. I became something of an autodidact, wanting to know about absolutely everything but hating the formality of education. I discovered 'way late in life that I was actually somewhat intelligent, and the creative elements in my occupational choices have kept me intensely interested. I’m a verbal, creative person who loves the language, the words, the wordplay. 
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My favorite thing to say aloud is actually 'Guy de Maupassant' but this 'favorites' thing wouldn't register that. So I used the French word for 'author' - which is also fun. But the French author's name is wondeful thing to say aloud. It's the last half of the name of Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant. He's apparently the father of the short story. Who knew? It just rolls off the tongue. Start with a hard 'g' sound...

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Well, it's like one of the most-used and, like, least-needed of, like, words in a teenager's, like, life. Knowhatimean?
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""No matter how cool you are, or how how badass you think you might be; if a toddler hands you their ringing toy phone, you'd better answer it.""
- Anon.

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