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I’m a slightly retired hero that nearly beat Bill J. back in November.

Shout-out to three lit people! - Josh - Gio -Taeho


Josh, k josh if u get an email from it’s me

Gio, What why

masked thief, sent u friend request. was the tooth permanent or baby tooth? also,is there a way I can email u?

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This word is probably a bit intuitive - it means to make unambiguous, or remove ambiguity. However, if that sounds like nonsense to you, I'll disambiguate it: disambiguate means to clarify or to clear up, kind of like wearing glasses if you're nearsighted. (Like me!)
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Nothing's perfect. I don't like it when people say, "I'm so perfect! Lalalala...". Because they're not. There's always something wrong. I heard this once during summer vacation, waiting in line for a ride at an amusement park, and the person in front of us says, "My skin is so perfect!". But I see a few pimples on her neck. Like, what's up with that? And, 'immaculate''s pretty hard to spell for me. I keep spelling it as 'imacculate'.
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