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Umm... I have a small mouth? I'm Asian so I have black hair, black eyes. I would KILL to have hazel eyes though. They're just plain sexy. And mesmerising. It would fit with my hair, which is not jet black but has some brown in it. My sis says it looks like highlights. I'm pretty happy; I don't wallow in sorrow or lie in bed thinking about my problems and then start thinking about how sad my life is and how unfair it is. Next thing I know, I'm in a mental unit, depressed and suicidal. Oops. I tend to overthink. I like to have fun and when I go out with my friends I do crazy things like dipping my tissue into my water which has lemons in it and going around shoving it under my friends' noses, claiming it's citrus-scented even though its sopping wet and pretty obvious that I dunked it into my water. I'm sorry that I played with food but the looks on my friends' faces were priceless! Don't go running to me with your problems expecting me to miraculously solve them. I can only cheer you up
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The word "sassy" is just plain sassy. It isn't boring; it's sounds lively AND interesting(pretty good deal to me) I mean, no one likes boring listless people right? Oops, I'm stereotyping. By the way, I HATE stereotypes. I shouldn't even be talking about hate, I mean, this is for me to explain why I like the word "sassy" right? It also sounds nice. Like it has this nice edge to it. And there's also the overuse of 's' s(haha see what I did there? If you pronouce it, it sounds like "asses". >:) ).
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Least Favorite Word:

When people, particularly those snotty girls who think they are better than everyone else use the repulsive word "fat" to insult other girls, I have this almost uncontrallable urge to go right up to them and give them a good slapping. Note the word 'almost'. I absolutely abhore the word "fat". As long as I'm concerned, this word shouldn't even exist. It's just another way to destroy a girl's self esteem and the world would be better off without this word. And I would say good riddance to THAT.
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