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I'm sorry. I wrote nearly the entire 1000 words and a mis-stroke sent the entire piece into some void. I don't have the patience to reconstruct the entire bio at the moment. If I continue my subscription, I will definitely complete this information. For now, know that I am a retired university professor. I retreated from one of the business schools in the Cal State system to join my husband, also a professor, who took a position in 2003 at Northcentral U in Prescott, AZ. Everything from that point to 2007, when I retired, involved frequent commutes to/from SoCal to AZ. Eventually it onlmade sense for me to retire. My areas of teaching and research are diverse: psychology, management, research methods, statistics, computer applications, entrepreneurship. I am widely published, have presented numerous papers at the important professional associations in my fields. I am an excellent writer, editor, and speaker. I have a stepson with a growing family. And two decidedly uncat-like cats.
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Egregious is always used as a negative adjective; e.g., "he made an egregious error." However, its origin refers to "standing out from the crowd" and its secondary (or "archaic") meaning is "remarkably good." Thus, I think of egregious as "remarkable" or "notable" in either a positive or negative manner. Not just bad or extremely horrible. "He made an egregious error" is thus "he made a remarkable, notable, or outstanding error." When I use it in the latter sense, this always starts a fun convo.
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MY LEAST FAV WORD IS "ITS" or any word about which there is ambiguity about the use of an apostrophe. (if it can be misused, it will be. Many use "its" to mean "it's" and, conversely, "it's" to mean "its". Apostrophes are used to connect words, shortening one word. Of these, "its" bugs me the most: "Its a short walk to the store." "I don't know where its supposed to go." "The dog sat and licked it's paw." And so on. I note the word map doesn't even like this word! And it's not in the dictionary!

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"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there."
- George Harrison

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