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I am a middle school music teacher that finds middle schoolers consistently inconsistent from one day to the other. Strangely enough that makes them pretty ineresting and quite a challenge.

The "cambiata" or "changing" voice of the middle school male voice is one of the most difficult changes for any young man. It is indeed difficult to help these strudents stay encouraged and brave enough to keep singing through this change.

I've been teaching for 22 years and love what I do each day. However, some days are tougher than others. That's a go home on time day.p

Going home to my 2 1/2 year grandson is a great joy also. His papa and I have been married 36 years. He's the man that encouraged me to go to college when my 2 sons entered public school. I was 27 and scared to death. God gave me the strength to get my degree and make a difference in the classroom.
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It is pregnant with joy and hope. It implies plenty and fullness to me. God loves and blesses us so lavishly that it is almost embarrassing. No, I'm over the embarrassment. I just love it !!!!!!
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Notrhing is impossible through Christ.
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""Spend wisely, give generously, and save often.""
- Dave Ramsey-Financial Advisor

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