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I am 60 years old now.Learning has been a driving force in my life. Story-telling is both an act I do as well as a pleasure I indulge with unabridged mp3s of unusual content. Words are a passion of mine. I own many books, but cannot access them. My space on a live-aboard sailboat is shared and in a small harbor and habitat for protected wildlife.
Two of my children are married adults and very successful. I have one grandchild. My son died in 2002 at the age of 20. He had a terminal cancer that could not be identified or cured. His name is Beren. He loved music and played trombone, especially jazz. His death was an amazing experience because he was lucid and with family and friends. I'm a widow also.
My life is unusual and I have written about it in journals since I was 16. It has taken many turns mostly due to my curious nature. I am both hedonistic and open to knowledge. I shed my religious restricted upbringing, yet my mind and life are constantly in a state of flux.
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I have learned to follow my passion in many ways after years of misery. It represents what is most important in my life. Joseph Campbell and Richard Bach have changed my way of being and thinking.The word tango tickles my fancy. If I danced, I would choose it as a goal to master.

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It sucks. Who has the right to judge others? Guilt is another wasted use of thought and time.I wonder if I am not being judgmental now by my attitude.
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Writing and Skating
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