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I'm terminally curious and unapologetically brilliant. I speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, and am currently learning Thai. I'm interested in almost everything except multimedia daily news (excluding PBS); professional sports; and the personal lives of contemporary so-called "stars"; but I tolerate others' interests in them. I like to write poetry. I love my dog, Roscoe. I'm a single, gay man, enjoying the second half of my life. I do as much as I can personally to support ending world hunger and poverty, arresting the HIV pandemic and helping people living with HIV, stopping animal neglect and cruelty, protecting a biodiverse environment, and ensuring human rights and equality worldwide. I like traveling. I cook. I read. I like learning. I like hiking. I like kayaking/canoeing. I'm adventurous and fun. I'm blessed with the best network of friends and family that anyone could want. My life is rich. Dislikes? Lying; Injustice; Prejudice and Bigotry; Hypocrisy; Cruelty.
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This is the way the Universe works: things fall together in the right way at the right place at the right time, and synchronicity generates synergy which produces synthesis causing sympathetic responses in the whole fabric of existence.
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It's used incorrectly almost all the time: "Hopefully, (something will happen)." It should be: "I'm hopeful that (something will happen)." It's one of many indications that people today divorce themselves from their feelings. It exposes people's fear of allowing themselves truly to feel something about the horrors that still exist in our "modern" world. If they admit their true feelings, they may also feel compelled to act, and that frightens them: it's too big; it's too hard; they may fail.
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi (Bapu)

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