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I'm sorry, but this Visual Thesaurus thing is like a godsend... not because I'm a thesaurus MOron, but because when you take into consideration my superpowered AD/HD and it's comorbid and equally pesky counterpart... my check/recheck OCD tendencies... I come to the conclusion that this thesaurus will keep me busy for HOURS. Heh, just what I need. Another distraction. *Shrug* Oh well, I'm off to map my think because I'm just too impatient to wait any longer.
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pharmaco(disorienting) is actually my favorite, even though it's not a "real" word. It's not a word in the prescriptive linguistic sense... but if you've ever seen a David Lynch film and/or you are familiar with film theory (especially regarding the voyeuristic elements... and how Lynchian cinema plays on the theme of scopophilia).... yeah, you probably understand what my pseudo-word means, and perhaps even appreciate said pseudo word; otherwise, feel free to ask. I'm an open book.
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It's clearly just... unpleasant. When I hear it in public, I cringe. Maybe... no... Definitely I'm peculiar, but that word is just... "Mmmm, what a tasty, beefy, meaty meallllll." Can we say, 'emesis?'
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"GOODBYE TO ALL THAT "Every dogma must have its day.""
- H.G. Wells (qtd. in John D. Barrow's book [The Artful Universe])

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