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I have always enjoyed writing! Even as a child, I would look forward to writing "Thank You" letters to my local and distant grandparents. Every Christmas, I would write to Santa, and he would write back to me! Imagine that! As I got older, I learned the importance of using the right words to say what I mean, and try to really communicate clearly. Sometimes that comes easier for me in writing, than in speaking! I can go back and change what I write, but one cannot take back words spoken, or mis-spoken! As a reader, wife, mom and teacher, I enjoy exploring words, both written and spoken, with others. It is exciting when young people question what a word or phrase means, how it is pronounced, and to make a guess! And to be able to look it up in a thesaurus and/or dictionary to confirm their guess? Wow! It's exciting to see them make connections, relate to other words they know, and then USE them in their speech and written work to spice things up, developing their own voice.
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Favorite Word:

My students and I encountered this word while I was reading aloud "Clementine and the Family Meeting" by Sarah Pennypacker. I had never heard this word, and actually thought it was made-up by the author! However, we looked it up in our print dictionaries and thesaurus, but no luck. THEN we went online, and there it was! We learned the word together, the importance of persistence and the power of using the right tool for the job!

Least Favorite Word:

It is soooo non-descriptive and students use it way too often in writing, instead of searching for, determining and using a more specific word to explain what they mean.