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I am a happily married woman,59 years of age. I never did very well in any of my schooling, for various social, and personal reasons.I had low self esteem and confidence. Those things have changed for the better. I learned to use my first computer, a mac, at the age of 53. The internet and my mac,have opened up a world I am still delightfully exploring, and learning. I am very creative visually. I am interested in all things new to me. I never knew it but I love to learn.
I enjoy beauty,in everything from the best in people, to nature, my garden and flowers. I love music, politics, and creative sewing. I enjoy traveling the US and Canada in our Airstream Classic Motor Home. Friendships are important to me. But for the purpose of this website, it is my need to learn more about about language, expanding my vocabulary, improve my spelling and communicate more intelligently.It is never too late to learn!
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I love open-mindedness, and free thinking.I like the way this word sound too. I find this a very important trait to aid in expanding ones thinking. Being open-minded also enhances our own personal growth, as well as leads to understanding differing points of view. It relates to my favorite quote, below.

Least Favorite Word:

It is a crass word about a woman's genitalia, meant to be demeaning. As in "you are a "C . . . " It is an ugly, mean spirited word, used only to "describe" a woman, in an abusive way. I don't see how anyone can possibly like that word, except amoral, socially, and verbally inept men, who take a sick pleasure in putting women down. It's as bad as the "n" word; equally disliked by me..
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""There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation""
- Herbert Spencer

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