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I'd sound both lacking in modesty and conversely, self-confidence, if I were to respond to this. I therefore decline.
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I like the musical sound of the word 'sagacious.' I like its connection, in my mind, to the term 'sage-like.' I highly value the wisdom of the sage. In my mind, it transcends the greatness of other highly revered qualities of being. Beyond that I cannot say for certain why I like this word any more than I can explain why I like the art I like, other than that it moves me. The word, like favorite art pieces, touches a chord in me and delivers me to a place of peace and pure joy.
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"I collect quotes so I have many favorites. One is Eleanor Roosevelt's, " No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." It is special to me because it is something I need to hear often. Another favorite is, "People fail when they give up what they want most, for what they want at the moment." The following is a comment a teen made in reference to his parents. (I do not remember the source from which this came.) : "Yeah, my parents are dead; they're just too stupid to fall over.""

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