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I like the way it feels when it rolls off my tongue. I also think it sounds pleasant, like a positive descriptor, when, in fact, it is not exactly an adjective one would want to have describing them. "She was a plethora of information." It just sounds like a compliment to me. The irony...
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It's not so much the word I detest, but the context it is used in . When asking someone what they would choose, and their response is, "whatever", they provide you no insight as to what they would really like our how they honestly feel. Therefore, you automatically become the responsible party for making the wrong choice. It is also usually delivered with a snotty or sarcastic tone implying you are either lying, stupid or out of your mind. Declaring that you have nothing real to contribute.
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"Those who think it permissible to practice white lies, soon become color blind."
- Unknown

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"Deep" Thoughts
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