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Anthropologist, 41, married to an arts and culture administrator with two sweet children: boy, aspiring superhero, and girl, adept crawler. I correctly spelled 300 out of 300 words on my grade three comprehensive spelling test, despite asking if "than" was a variant pronunciation of "then". My husband is not a good speller, but he loves me anyway.
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Favorite Word:

Although it's uncommon in everyday speech, kin is a simple word, easy to say and spell. It reminds me of family, which is important to me. And I'm an anthropologist, so it ties personal to professional in a very nice way. In that aspect, it recalls the history of my discipline, as well as my usual research and teaching interests. Its simplicity is fairly complex.

Least Favorite Word:

As a child I often misspelled this word. (Correction: as an adult I often misspelled this word.) It always seemed to me that the "u" should be in the last syllable, since it sounded like "aunt" not "ant". I also have an ambivalent relationship with restaurants: love good ones, am irritated by mediocre ones.

Favorite Quote:

"... "what they win, they cannot keep.""
- Michel de Certeau