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I would consider myself to be an intelligent, compassionate, artistic person. When I am enthralled with something, I give it my all. I tend to appear rather timid or quiet due to the fact that I don't like talking too much without value in my words. Also, in general, I'd prefer to observe and analyze people and the world around me in order to become a philosophical thinker and writer (which is part of my life's goal). In reality, I actually am a very outspoken, candid, and at times charismatic person. I try to live my life for Christ because I believe that he gave his life for me. I love him. However, I don't consider myself religious because that term appears to be too "works oriented" for my liking. If anyone has any questions about that if LOVE to explain that in better detail. Unfortunately, I tend to be prone to procrastination and can be overemotional at times, although I don't let most people in on that. I've been through a lot. That makes me very empathetic and a good listener.
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Love is my favorite word due to the many meanings and usages it possesses throughout many differing countries. It also has a more personal connection to me because of my religion. Christianity is based upon the Gospel, which, in short, is the story of God showing perfect love unto every person who ever has or will live. Love can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, and also an adverb. Being in love, varies from love itself, which is different from showing love to others. Love is an anomaly.
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Least Favorite Word:

This word is my least favorite because of the mindset we, as humans, are in when we use it. This world is far too selfish and conceited. Rarely, do we think of others before ourselves. Even when that rare person does come along he/she is still usually considering what he/she can get in return from doing so. Not only so, but we hardly teach humility and modesty to our children. The product of this is a generation without love, for they are only concerned with their own ambitions and happiness
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