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Four words I use to introduce myself: Buckeye, Illini and Mile High, Moroni. I was born in Gallipolis, Ohio, lived in Portsmouth, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, where I attended college at "The Big Farm." Thus, I am a "Buckeye."

I lived in Park Forest, Illinois, south of Chicago, one of my favorite cities. Thus, I am an "Illini."

I lived in Denver, Colorado, not ashamed to be a Bronco fan and wed a woman (now deceased) from Golden, Colorado, whom I chased to the "Mile High" city from

Salt Lake City, Utah, home and homage paid by many to "Moroni," bedecked angel (with horn, one of which I played through high school), atop the famous Mormon Temple.

I took three years of Latin in high school and learned to love words. Using theme effectively to convey thoughts creatively, articulately and accurately is a goal to which I aspire.
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Adolescent, puerile discovery shared with a fellow high school concert choir member. This word's definition I committed to memory and celebrated the homage paid to it by "The Firesign Theater" San Francisco based comic group (still performing and recording). To wit: "A cheesy, ill-smelling, secretion from beneath the prepuce in the male genitalia and the clitoris in the female genitalia."
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Least Favorite Word:

This word's meaning has been stripped of its power by overuse, misuse and general abuse. When peanut butter and God can both be described as such, one knows it's meaning is lost.
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""Cowards die many times before their deaths, The valiant never taste of death but once.""
- Julius Caesar from Shakespeare's play of the same name, Act II, Scene II

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Laughing Matters
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