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I've been through grad school, been a farmers' market manager, non-profit founder, community revitalization activist, educator, spouse and doer of McMany McJobs. I am a chef, radio station GM, restaurant entreprenuer, hoopster and member of the literatti.
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When I first read this word, in a work of popular history in was in the context of describing the types of people called to be caretakers of frontier lands--managing herds of animals, tending crops--in the far west of the U.S. Many of them were steeped in Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-American cultural traditions regarding the isolaated loner with romantic yearnings. Only later did I look up the Websters definition and found the scoundrel connotations. I prefer to retain my initial take on it.
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Because it was once emblematic of what I like most about the compound-complex quality of some german words--packing several ideas into a single word--and because it described a kind of perverse quality of human nature that is rarely so well summarized, I took to it. Then it became over-utilized in pop culture, lost its cacne and became, as they say in Zen, a "dead word" to me.
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"doing not doing (wei wu wei)"
- some Chinese Ch'an (later Zen in Japan) monk

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