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Librarians Know Best

Looking for a website on literature and books? How about 10,000 of them? The Librarians' Internet Index is a publicly-funded website where a team of librarians ferret out the best and brightest online resources for a myriad of subjects. Check out their lit listings here.
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Shannon Reed is an award-winning playwright who teaches high school English to a large pack of bright young women at a private school on the beach in Queens, New York. She graciously contributed this column:

Despite a general predilection towards awesomeness, like any teacher, I have my blind spots. I'm terrible at looking interested during school assemblies. I show little patience when a student can't remember a basic procedure after about a month. I do not like to teach the intransitive verb; I get confused and confuse the girls. My top blind spot? I'm terrible at motivating my girls to read more.

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Top Reference Sites

"Here are the Top 55 Reference Websites as chosen by the eBizMBA editorial team," announces the eBizMBA website. Whether you're a student working on a research paper or a copywriter researching an industry vertical, you'll find this list invaluable. Check it out here.
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Scholar Fred R. Shapiro is an authority on quotations and the editor of the seminal Yale Book of Quotations, a compendium of over 12,000 bits of wisdom by notable people through history. A Mount Everest of quotes! Which got us wondering: Why the fascination with quotes? And how do we know that Mark Twain quote was actually quipped by Mr. Clemens? We called up Fred to find out:  Continue reading...
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"Blogging for a Good Book"

Stumped for a book? The Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia to the rescue! The library publishes a website where "a different staff member picks favorite reviews" each week. Book reviews change daily. Check out today's selection here.
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Blog Du Jour

A Kids' Librarian's Blogs

Besty Bird, a librarian at the New York Public Library who blogs about children's literature on her popular A Fuse #8 Production website, suggests checking out these blogs to find out more about kid's books:

Read Roger run by Roger Sutton, the editor of Horn Book Magazine

Bookshelves of Doom run by Leila, a librarian of Kennebunk, ME

Big A little a run by Kelly Herold, a midwestern language professor

Mother Reader run by Pam Coughlan, children's library assistant in northern Virginia.

Oz and Ends run by J.L. Bell, a writer, editor and researcher.

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