100 SAT Words Beginning with "B"

April 2, 2012

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It baffles her physician as well, and has got doctors increasingly worried.
His glance fell on Van Bleit, pallid, red-eyed, obviously suffering, observing him with the baleful look of some savage captive beast.
Congressional Republicans, particularly in the House of Representatives, have balked at raising the debt ceiling unless it is accompanied by significant spending cuts.
And in the encore there was a new ballad, “Silent Treatment,” which Ms. Bryan sang gently, backed only by Mr. Dafydd on acoustic guitar.
That’s why gambling and wagers are heavily regulated or banned outright in nearly every country.
Not bare or messy — that might be interesting — just banal.
Knee pain is the bane of many runners, sometimes causing them to give up altogether.
He, however, was destined never to return but was proscribed and banished.
Instead, they bantered, enthused, tripped over each other's words and generally offered their audience the warmest welcome imaginable.
The law was immediately hailed as a victory by animal welfare groups over what they consider to be a barbaric and outdated practice.
They destroyed army communications, local cellphone towers and laid down a barrage of mortar fire.
New homes are sprouting from farmland once irrigated by the nearby Tigris River but rendered barren by war and neglect.
Dinner over, melons disposed of, fort, stores, and quarters examined, arrangements were made for sleeping in the various sheds and bastions of the fort.
Taken together, her tribulations have the makings of bathetic melodrama.
He thought her face, her whole bearing, singularly composed in view of his announcement.
Ten minutes more and the orderly opened the door, and, obedient to my beckoning finger, stepped out as the lady was ushered in.
With more than 190 people killed and hundreds wounded just three days before the country’s general election, Spain was thrown into political bedlam.
But regulators are profiling data to help find patterns in trading activity that previously would have left regulators befuddled and scratching their heads.
This is such an entertaining, beguiling, charming and exciting picture.
Behemoths like JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and UBS have snapped up numerous small firms to create industry giants.
Now, this obligation has offended me very much, because I am proud, and do not like to be beholden to people.
The Hamburg magistrates had offered one hundred thalers for my arrest; consequently it behooved me to be very cautious.
Tang's congenial and accommodating administrative style, however, sometimes belies a harder edge.
A splendid or an affecting story may be degraded or belittled by being told in an unworthy style.
So far from unduly fostering a bellicose spirit tending to war, these would be tactful preventives of wasteful foreign and civil broils.
He was carrying his war tools and stood facing me for an instant in quite a belligerent attitude.
Facing life-threatening surgery, Adam calls his therapist and bemoans all the things he’s never done.
Alternately bemused, puzzled, and intrigued, he read it over again and again.
Even world-class universities such as Oxford and Cambridge live off "old money" from property assets and a few key benefactors.
Invariably gentle, attentive, serious, benevolent, easily satisfied, he remained serene and peaceful.
But its images cannot distinguish malignant tumors from benign growths filled with harmless breast tissue.
The widow lived for a few years, and, at her death, he bequeathed upon the daughter of his adoption all that his mother possessed.
At almost every move through the drill he berated them caustically, though in such faultless military language of reproof as to keep him from censure.
The team also helps the patients' families, instructing them in caring techniques and providing bereavement counseling after death.
Mr. Binney pleaded and besought, but all to no avail, and left his Tutor's presence at last, a disgraced and despairing man.
The troops in the Potomac army were all lying in front of Petersburg, under fire day and night, preparing to besiege the place.
Because the dealer, widely respected in the Zurich art world, did not want his reputation besmirched, he agreed to settle the claim out of court.
There was stillness in the room—utter stillness as at last Percivale laid his sleeping wife down, and, bending over her, bestowed a parting kiss.
Perhaps he thinks an engaged young lady should be demure and dutiful, having no eyes or ears for any one except her betrothed.
Only the most commonplace things were said, and yet she puzzled him, bewildered him.
Analytical thinking happens in the left hemisphere of the brain and is essential to making more objective, less biased decisions.
At times it felt like the candidates had already talked themselves out on the big themes and could only bicker over table scraps.
Like Lost, it’s story, at least at first, is bifurcated, taking place half in the magical world, half in ours.
Economic issues took up about half of the bilateral talks between the two leaders, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.
It was here that the Army cooked up chemical weapons, launched poison-packed mortar shells and sent gas clouds billowing over the fields.
The government surveys showed binge drinking — having more than five drinks in one day — increased among all ethnic groups and genders, but particularly among men.
Officers and men stood aghast, with blanched faces, scarce knowing how to act.
Many critics were less than enamored with the kind of “easy listening” Mr. Williams embodied, deriding his approach as bland and unchallenging.
He had expected coaxings, blandishments, the pleadings and wiles with which Virginia the elder had made him so intimately acquainted.
First there were trumpets; then brasses blared and drums rumbled.

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Friday March 29th 2013, 11:06 PM
Comment by: Art C.
Bee quiz results: Did not review words and scored 98%. Spelled 'blanch' with an 'e' at end and mistyped 'bureaucracy'; recognized 'bellicose' and 'behemoth' from 2012 Bee. Guessed on 'betrothed'...learned a new word!
Sunday March 31st 2013, 2:25 PM
Comment by: panos P. (Greece)
Sunday April 7th 2013, 9:32 PM
Comment by: Ayano (NY)
this has helped me so much...thank you vocabulary.com. this really lets me spell better AND learn the definitions at the same time.
Friday October 11th 2013, 6:26 PM
Comment by: gigivoio (United Kingdom)
I really like this website.. it's easy and lovely to learn.
Thursday January 30th 2014, 1:23 PM
Comment by: Destiny H.
I really enjoy this website because it helps me get to understand a word better and also it can help me spell things a little bit better. It is also very easy to learn and get better each day.
Monday August 25th 2014, 12:47 AM
Comment by: Simon G.
I'm redundant, but once again... these lists are excellent and helpful.
Sunday September 28th 2014, 11:54 AM
Comment by: truthfairy (Bangladesh)
Now its become fun to learn words
Thursday November 6th 2014, 10:45 AM
Comment by: Temporary Tree (TX)
this site is very helpful in learning vocab words I like the way its set up...but there's one thing I cant stand and maybe its just me but when I try to do the spelling bee to learn to spell the words its like the words aren't pronounced right they're automated and choppy and its really hard to actually learn the pronunciation of some words again maybe its just me but that's one feature I don't like but every thing else is so well put together this site is amazing but if that one feature could be changed to like an actual person that wound be amazing please comment and tell me if anyone else has this problem :)
Wednesday May 6th 2015, 1:24 PM
Comment by: Brandon M.
this is a great list thanks for all the words vocab.!!!!

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