100 SAT words Beginning with "C"

April 2, 2012

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Shoppers mingle, traders peddle their wares and children play in the street, all to a cacophonous backdrop of roaring motorbikes and honking cars.
These dreary, cadaverous corpses are supported in the positions which they are made to assume by means of steel wires hidden beneath their scanty robes.
In that memorable calamity seventeen lives were lost and forty persons seriously injured.
“Marston,” he began, “drifted into the Paris ateliers from your country, callow, morbid, painfully young and totally inexperienced.
Mr. Obama, in an unusually candid public discussion of the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert program, said the drone strikes had not inflicted huge civilian casualties.
"Alas, no," said Bergfeld, mournfully, "the day after the battle our brave soldiers were surrounded by overwhelming forces and obliged to capitulate."
She remained remote and wild, suddenly breaking off our talks and displaying, where I was concerned, the most capricious and inexplicable moods.
Mrs. Strong subsequently caricatured our progress by representing me very tall with an extremely tight waistband, and Stevenson looking upward from his diminutive steed.
This monk was an excellent cartographer, or map-maker, and Christopher wished to talk with him about the western lands.
In particular, Kucinich castigated Obama for pursuing military intervention in Libya without congressional authorization: President Obama moved forward without Congress approving.
Not enough people use evenings out as an opportunity for catharsis.
Though the mud only came up to ankle height, its caustic ingredients continue to eat away the foundations.
The firing ceased; the smoke slowly cleared away, revealing the two fleets commingled, shattered, and torn, and strewed with dead.
He ceded some of his powers to elected officials, while keeping the final say on issues of defense, national security and religion.
He watched his chance, and, at length, escaped, much to his enemies’ chagrin.
Egypt's al-Zawahri likely to succeed bin Laden For years, Osama bin Laden's charisma kept al-Qaida's ranks filled with zealous recruits.
Like most charlatans who find it necessary to deceive the world, the physician tried to cover up his shortcomings by noisy bluster.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently chastised China in a speech she gave in which she decried Internet censorship.
Indeed during his wild and chimerical attempts for finding out a golden country, it is not improbable that this brave adventurer visited many different places.
Howard is expected to remain out until at least June, while Utley, battling chronic knee injuries, may not return until May.
It has taken five hours to get here from Cairo via a circuitous route to avoid the Egyptian police checkpoints.
He got his message out bunglingly, with embarrassed circumlocution and repetition; but this was what it came to in the end.
As Kaufman writes: On the strategy front, some of these groups are becoming more circumspect in campaigning against global warming, mindful of mixed public sentiment.
"All of this is done in a very clandestine way," said Paddick, who said he had never personally seen money being exchanged.
Then on Tuesday, his last day in office, he granted clemency or suspended sentences to more than 200 other convicts.
This little clique, this group admired her and instinctively adopted the tone which she set.
Authorities are still trying to determine whether Savannah was forced to run by physical coercion or by verbal commands.
The supposition is so very probable, that nothing short of very cogent reasons could induce us to abandon it.
“You have to be cognizant of the evidence out there and learn from what has been published.
Perhaps not elegant classical Latin, but good, everyday, useful, colloquial stuff.”
Then, unless there were collusion on the part of the sentries, he must have slipped through some window, said Davies to himself.
In the galleries are colossal figures of dragons, gods, goddesses, and heroes, groups being often carved out of one gigantic monolith.
Reaching this just at evening, he encamped there all night, and the next morning commenced crossing.
We had spent countless hours together drinking wine and commiserating about child-rearing, long Wisconsin winters and interrupted sleep.
When done their building was quite commodious, being twenty-two feet by fourteen.
The South African site has some compelling advantages: construction costs are lower, and it sits at a higher altitude.
The Home Office is understood to have paid more than £1m in compensation to 40 children wrongly held in adult detention centres while seeking asylum.
He added: "Like being a pioneer in anything, I suppose, you get complacent...We're waking up to the fact that we are lagging behind."
Romar said the freshmen are "such a compliant group" and "willing learner" more than any other incoming class he's had at Washington.
His heart was beating furiously under his waistcoat, but, taken aback as he was, he maintained outward composure.
While military service is compulsory on all Mohammedans over eighteen years of age, there are some exemptions, and substitution is allowed.
He spent months defending his televised “Decision,” before finally conceding that it might not have been the greatest idea.
What wonder, then, that he thought of them as conceited, vain, full of pride, without merit?
The inner bark consists of numerous concentric layers of fibers, which interlace in all directions, and thus present a great resemblance to lace.
Mr. Cox was conciliatory at other moments, but politely stood firm on the basics of the bureau’s  economic model.
For some purposes, concise, exactly worded definitions are needed; for other purposes, more extended descriptions are required.
“The door is closed now, and we’re in secret conclave.”
"I take it, then, that we are working in unison,—at least, in concord?"
St. Croix river being the boundary line between two states, the Wisconsin authorities claimed concurrent jurisdiction.
Many frown on the mixing of the sexes, refusing to shake hands with women let alone condoning any sort of political activity by them.

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Wednesday March 20th 2013, 10:41 AM
Comment by: Seth K. (Harrisonburg, VA)
I agree with the person above me. Also the spelling shouldn't be required to master a word.
Friday March 29th 2013, 11:20 PM
Comment by: Art C.
Bee results: 97%. All 3 errors were mistypes. Did not view the list. No new words. Now here are a few good ones to add: callipygian, cachinnate, cymotrichous, carcinogen, clandestine, curmudgeon. C could easily be in the 200 word range for the SAT, and I'm sure many would still be missing...cadge, calumny, choleric, etc.
Thursday July 4th 2013, 11:05 AM
Comment by: kevin G. (kottayam India)
this site is just awesome!!!!
Friday March 7th 2014, 10:59 AM
Comment by: Kiannah K.
This is an awesome list. These lists really helped boost my SAT score.
Thursday May 15th 2014, 2:42 PM
Comment by: Daphne B. (TX)
Agree that the multiple choice words should all start with C, but disagree on the spelling - knowing I will need to spell out the word really forces me to concentrate and focus to learn the word thoroughly.
Monday August 25th 2014, 12:50 AM
Comment by: Simon G.
Thanks for compiling these.
Monday February 9th 2015, 12:10 AM
Comment by: Eric Son
Im a middle schooler preparing for my Pre-sat test, and these really help a lot. Like the comment made by Art C., i wish their were some new words added, to update to 2024's SAT vocabulary words. Otherwise, the list is great!!!

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