100 SAT words Beginning with W,X,Y, and Z

June 5, 2012

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At times it was even needful to take out the loads and, wading knee-deep in the ice-cold waters, drag the boats across the many shoals.
Emmy Lou getting down from the breakfast table, her still unfinished waffle abandoned for all time now, was dumbfounded.
We were again wafted through the air, and were once more moving over the tops of countless houses on the way.
Dinner, however, came, and the little waggish doctor could not, for the life of him, avoid his jokes.
Had they not been poor children, little waifs, they would not have been locked in the cabin to perish like rats.
“Is our house going to be covered in mud forever?” she wailed, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Before Australian authorities would release Watson to the United States, Alabama had to agree to waive the death penalty as a possible punishment, prosecutors said.
The new federal health care law prohibits lowering Medicaid eligibility, and only a few states have received waivers to do so on a limited basis.
It was a crushing blow, but instead of wallowing in depression and giving up on being active, Irish started biking more.
Tom was leaning back, pale and exhausted, his breath was short, his face gray, wan and wasted.
Perhaps a trip like this would have satisfied his wanderlust.
India’s biggest producer, reported an 89 percent decline in second-quarter group profit because of waning demand and higher raw material costs at its European operations.
You went sick When orders looked unwholesome: then, with trick And lie, you wangled home.
A hundred eighty days continuous feast He has oppressed the people of his rule With drunken revels and with wanton waste.
Any singer who could warble away at runs and trills was a great artist.
Betty wore amazingly costly clothes, paying for a single dress far more than for her year's wardrobe in Rhode Island.
An inmate needs additional evidence of a separate constitutional violation to warrant a federal court’s involvement, the high court ruled.
Such sales to investors typically came with promises, known as representations and warranties, to buy back defective loans.
Their entrances were cunningly contrived to look like rabbit holes, so that strangers might think they led to nothing more than some sandy warren.
Many chronic homeless people, however, after years on the street, become wary of shelters and sleeping near others.
The Coles Hill watershed eventually drains into the drinking water supply for coastal cities.
Those among the tribes who had thus far stood neutral, wavering between the French and English, now hesitated no longer.
Carols had existed for centuries, though their popularity waxed and waned as different governments and religious movements periodically declared them sinful.
Some of them even waited until I ventured from the house, and waylaid me on the road.
Substance addiction and wayward behaviour are not unheard of in someone with such a stormy family background.
If the mother becomes pregnant it will be necessary to wean, because pregnancy invariably affects the quality of the milk.
The tired, wearied, exhausted cattle refused to struggle through the snow-mountains any longer.
High welfare costs in an impoverished country also ensure that the government does not have enough funds to spend on primary education and infrastructure.
Of the nonseafood starters, artichoke hearts were slightly lost in a welter of cherry peppers, cubed eggplant, pine nuts and bits of chèvre.
I thought a night of peace and quietness preferable, although perhaps very unsportsmanlike, and so we wended our way homeward.
They would wonder why she was not on the wharf when the boat got in, to meet them.
Horace knew exactly the right way to wheedle his mother, and very soon persuaded her to allow them to start on their expedition.
The wolf must have had several litters of whelps during the six or seven years that the boy was with her.
How good that dinner did smell to the hungry boys with appetites whetted by exercise in the keen air!
Perhaps he had even got a whiff of the sweet on the spring air, and his nose had told him what was going on.
Too many frivolous youngsters were falling in love and eloping on a whim, only to have their marriages end in divorce.
Norway has bragged about her prerogatives without any feeling of responsibility, like an unreasoning whimsical child.
Now, we are exactly what and where we used to be: not a whit wiser nor better, poorer nor prouder.
"Too bad your horse fell," he remarked stupidly, gathering up the handful of shavings he had whittled from a piece of pine board.
Dalmatia has been possessed wholly or in part by Romans, Goths, Slavs, Hungarians, Turks, Venetians.
Univalves are conical and spiraling, with a series of whorls coming down like widening steps from the tiny nucleus on top.
As more women share their experiences, it is clear how widespread domestic violence is, cutting across community, caste and economic lines.
For all a chimpanzee’s impressive arm strength, he said, humans are much better at wielding a hammer to crack open a nut.
It was a plain case of willful, deliberate and premeditated murder.
"Thank you, my kind friend;" and the wily villain continued his deceiving tale, with an eloquence we will not trouble ourselves to repeat.
His fingers buried themselves in Meredith’s shoulder, till the pale face winced with pain.
House prices doubled in the golden decade but that unearned windfall for the lucky generation went untaxed.
Mr. Thompson winnowed out the chaff from the heap, and has given us the golden grain in this volume.
She was an awkward-looking girl about fourteen, all arms and elbows, but with a rather winsome face lighted by big, serious eyes.
He was a little dark man, with a very big forehead, thin, wispy hair, and sad, large eyes.

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I really couldn't understand why its good to know these words for the SAT when there are not many chances in the world to use these exact words. And if you do, its likely you'll use an easier word.

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