Spinnin' Around

May 31, 2018
Don't let your vocabulary skills yo-yo! National Yo-Yo Day is June 6th, so after you practice your "walk-the-dog," learn these terms related to the metaphor "yo-yo" — having a tendency to make progress, only to regress shortly after.

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The yo-yo is a metaphor for the behavior of falling back into old habits. In a more innocent time, calling someone a yo-yo was also an insult, equivalent to calling them a lunkhead.
Her own 45-pound weight loss after years of yo-yo dieting is what prompted her to get certified as a personal trainer and start the channel.
Relapse describes falling back into patterns or a returning to a previous state of ill health. Although technically it means “fall into a former state,” one would never say that he “relapsed into happiness” or that the former millionaire who lost it all and then regained it “relapsed into a fortune”. It is the “fall” part of the definition that is crucial here — someone who relapses is at a lower state than they were.
New research suggests that a blood test five years after breast cancer treatment may help identify some women who are likely to relapse, long before a lump or other signs appear.
One minute, she is exploring her world with wide-eyed wonder, and the next, she seems to be regressing into a baby.
More of a conscious choice than sliding down the slippery slope of relapse, renege is a verb meaning to “deny, renounce, abandon.” To renege on a former promise means that expectations collapse like a slack yo-yo string.
The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore says Uber and Grab reneged on a promise to brief it fully on the details of the transaction before the deal was announced.
Retrograde is a celestial word appropriate for the world of yo-yo-ing bodies. The word can mean going backwards metaphorically speaking, and implies a reversal or lack of progress.
But the current staffers and the former employees said the atmosphere was retrograde and often disrespectful toward women.
Recidivism is a term used to describe repeatedly committing illegal or immoral acts. English adapted this word from French which took it from Latin recidivare, “to relapse into sin.”
The Mental Health Specialty Court Act of 2017 became law Aug. 1 and aims to reduce recidivism rates using “evidence-based practices of supervision, policies, procedures and practices.”
Impatience drives his best work; the mind that enters ours when we read him is mercurial, impassioned, indignant, hilarious, voluble and always interesting.
A circling, spinning yo-yo most resembles a planet moving around the sun, or the moon in orbit around Earth. Perigee refers to the point in at which the orbiting object is closest to the object it is spinning around.
The lunar event was heralded as the #SuperBlueBloodMoon because the moon is near its perigee, or the closest point in its orbit to the Earth, according to EarthSky.org.
Apogee refers to the point where the orbiting object is farthest from the thing it spins around.
The great apogee, the farthest distance from Earth, will minimize obstruction and interference from our planet.
But his erratic driving was spotted by an officer who started to follow him.
Trying to get wayward young people back on a positive path is a laudable goal.
And the concern is that he might not believe the changes made are yielding better results and revert to his old, comfortable ways.

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