Dog Vocabulary: A Canine Lexicon

August 17, 2018
For Fido's next new trick, teach him some of these words that describe canine companions. What's even more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee.
My uncle was a thin, puny little man, very meek and acquiescent, and no match for my aunt.
Mrs. Hickock removed the spectacles she was wearing, polished the smeared lenses and resettled them on her pudgy, agreeable face.
You find Miss Ware a very amenable pupil, I venture to believe.
Janine opened her eyes wide and tried to look innocent and attentive.
Most of the canines were on their best behavior before heading into the screening tent.
The canine center at the zoo is, in fact, one of its most popular attractions, and posters near the cages explain how to properly care for and feed - not eat - canine companions.
They are now most polite and deferential to him, and the swaggering, bullying manner natural to them is replaced by a childlike gentleness that is really most touching.
They are the same beautiful white Brahmin cattle which I saw at Bombay—enormous animals, as strong as camels and quiet and docile as sheep.
Meanwhile, the new work raises another big question: Where do we draw the line between domesticated and wild species?
They were my two closest friends, so loyal and loving.
James patted each one on top like obedient puppies.
He was a great overfed elephant, ponderous in bulk and frame, weighing more than seven tons, and at last grown as tractable and lazy as a puppy.
Following their horses’ pedigrees back hundreds of years, Wallner and her team identified exactly when those mutations showed up, allowing them to calculate how frequently such mutations occur.
Nevertheless, the race announced in December that all competitors will be required to meet the standards of a “Best Care” kennel management program to be implemented later this year.
It was especially difficult getting clean while her brother was still using, Betsy said, as she cuddled a frisky mutt outside the animal shelter.

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