This Week in Pop Culture: November 3 - 9, 2018

November 4, 2018
We've scoured this week's entertainment news and rounded up our favorite vocab words from the stories that everyone's buzzing about.
a cappella
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want — tickets to a Spice Girls reunion concert! The nineties Britpop megastars are getting back together for a brief tour of England. Alas, Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. “Posh Spice,” will not be joining her former group on tour. She's become a fashion megastar in her own right and is otherwise engaged with her own business ventures.
The foursome turned broadcasters as they transformed into their Spice Girl alter egos Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Scary before breaking into an a cappella rendition of Spice Up Your Life.
– The Evening Standard (Nov 6, 2018)
Brace yourselves — two digital worlds may collide. We hear there's going to be a collaboration between the creators of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. If the rumors are true, gamers will be able to raise Pokemon just like Tamagotchi digital pets. This could potentially the most awesome and addictive experience since, well... that time we got our first Tamagotchi and that other time when we got obsessed with Pokemon Go!
The upcoming “Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Let’s Go, Eevee!” games could be seeing a collaboration with the Tamagotchi digital pet in Japan, according to what appears to be leaked images.
– Variety (Nov 6, 2018)
Saturday Night Live alum Alec Baldwin was briefly detained by New York City police this week after he allegedly hit someone in an argument over a parking space. Baldwin has a history of public altercations, particularly with the paparazzi, but he has denied these particular allegations.
The actor, 60, has a long history of fiery behavior, largely stemming from his contentious relationship with reporters and photographers.
– People (Nov 5, 2018)
Booklist released its list of the best first novels for YA readers this week. One of the entries on the list is Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone, a magical adventure appropriate for high schoolers. The book deals with how a dystopian society defines justice.
Adeyemi’s expansive debut plunges readers into a vivid world of politics and violence, where magic and those who wield it are shunned.
– Booklist.com (Nov 3, 2018)
Daddy Yankee was awarded a Guinness World Record this week for being the first Latino artist to reach number one on the streaming service Spotify. Best known for his hit “Despacito,” Daddy Yankee also holds these records with his smash hit single: most viewed music video online; most weeks at number 1 in the U.S., and most streamed track worldwide.
"It is an honor to add these Guinness World Records titles to my list of accomplishments and acknowledgments- to be named the first Latino artist to reach number 1 on Spotify and to break record records in the Billboard charts for my career in the genre"
– NBC News.com (Nov 3, 2018)
Despite poor reviews from critics, fans went to the movies and saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which made $50 million in ticket sales last weekend. Even those reviewers who didn’t like the movie praised Rami Malek’s performance as the lead singer in Queen. The film reportedly cost $52 million to make, so it may turn out to be one of the most profitable films of the year.
The film received a somewhat lackluster reception from critics.
– The New York Times (Nov 4, 2018)
Celebrity rivalries are nothing new, but the amplified effect of airing these grievances on social media is something that stars and fans are still working out how to deal with. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are still sparring via Twitter and Instagram after their physical altercation at a fashion week event that occurred two months ago.
There have been hip-hop beefs since time immemorial, but now stars can use so many more platforms to get their points across. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been leveraging them all — Instagram, internet radio, Twitter...
– The New York Times (Nov 7,2018)
Upbeat, popular music is often played at political rallies to pump up the crowd. But which songs are played has become a sensitive issue. This week Rihanna joined Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen in insisting that her music not be played at Donald Trump’s rallies. Political campaigns are supposed to get permission to play the songs at their events, but they rarely do.
With her rebuke, Rihanna, who was born in Barbados, joins a growing list of artists who have asked that their music not be part of the soundtrack of Republican rallies.
– NBC News (Nov 5, 2018)
Taylor Swift continued her political push this week, recording an Instagram video to remind her fans that they should go out and vote. Last week Swift endorsed a candidate in Tennessee’s Senate race, which some saw as a relatively bold move for a celebrity who is known for trying to appeal to a broad fan base and who has previously shied away from expressing her political views.
Swift famously — and controversially — remained reticent on her political leanings until earlier this month, when she broke her silence.
– People (Nov 6, 2018)
Travis Scott was bumped out of the top spot on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop chart. He was ousted by... Travis Scott! Kodak Black’s “Zeze,” featuring Scott and Offset had been number one, but Scott’s “Sicko Mode” dethroned it this week. “Sicko Mode” was downloaded over 14,000 times and streamed over 38 million times last week.
As "Mode" supplants "Zeze" on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, the exchange makes Scott the 13th act to log consecutive No. 1s since the chart began on Oct. 20, 1958.
– Billboard (Nov 1, 2018)

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