Good Riddance

January 2, 2019
Unlike the obsolete phone chargers and otiose kitchen gadgets you might want to purge from your junk drawer, these words will serve a purpose in your vocabulary.
As print products become more and more antiquated, is part of what keeps them going that we like to share them on social media?
“There was something cathartic and something wonderful about the fact that he ran away from it,” he acknowledges.
The confetti thrown at midnight is made from recycled material that would otherwise be discarded, and all of it is biodegradable.
Recycling will be made less confusing for households, and manufacturers will need to foot the cost of disposing of the goods they produce.
Trouble is, the older you get the less likely it is that you will deal with divesting yourself of all that stuff.
Keep the manual and warranty, and recycle all extraneous information.
However, the rise of mobile phones rendered the pager obsolete, and few remain worldwide.
Her first routine, for instance, about the otiose instructions on the back of shampoo bottles, gets its laughs from the relentless sarcasm with which she explores the subject.
I watched the people purge their homes at the start of the new moon.
Add “interest” to your table with truly unexpected place settings and superfluous baked goods:
However, for certain retail sectors - notably jewellery, department stores, electronics, and useless tat - Christmas is a very big deal indeed.
My father protested that the broach was just crystal, a worthless family heirloom with only sentimental value.

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