Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg summarized her dissent from the bench, an unusual move and a sign of deep disagreement.
She said the law had been effective in thwarting such efforts.
Critics of Section 5 say it is a unique federal intrusion on state sovereignty and a badge of shame for the affected jurisdictions that is no longer justified.
“The court errs egregiously,” she concluded, “by overriding Congress’s decision.”
“The court errs egregiously,” she concluded, “by overriding Congress’s decision.”
In his speech, Mr. Obama said he would use executive powers to limit the carbon dioxide that power plants could emit.
The heart of Mr. Obama’s plan, however, is lowering the country’s emissions using administrative remedies, an effort to sidestep a recalcitrant Congress.
The Clean Air Act, written in the heyday of environmentalism, basically envisions commandments from Washington ordering utilities to clean up the air, not flexible approaches.
This old-school approach — relying on eyes and ears, not gizmos — evokes the era of auteur-producers like David Merrick and Harold Prince, who began new musicals out of town and compiled fix-it lists based on their aesthetic sensibilities, the body language of audiences and feedback from trusted friends and critics.
Yet few producers today are in the mold of Merrick, Mr. Prince and other hit-makers who have been lionized for having a sixth sense about producing.

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fantastic site for improving vocabulary

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