Ten Words from The New York Times - July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013
Iceland, which is not a member of the European Union and uses its own currency, imposed [capital controls] in 2008 after its three main banks imploded.
In the European Union, this is a prerogative held only by Britain, Sweden and other countries that kept their national currencies.
“I think it’s an odd format, and it makes him seem a little more stilted than he is, compared to standing before a crowd or in an interview,” said Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for Mr. Obama.
Among the proponents is a former spokesman for Mr. Obama, Robert Gibbs.
Mr. Obama, like Mr. Bush on occasion, has come to prefer the more dramatic staging of striding down the White House’s red-carpeted Cross Hall, then coming to a stop to speak, standing, at the stately East Room entry.
Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Bush also took to traveling to places pertinent to their messages, and perhaps more vivid to networks and viewers.
She said the town would stop accepting offers for similar events in the interest of gingerly prodding residents toward a future less defined by the Dec. 14 shootings.
In so doing, she put her finger on what almost everyone in town has been thinking about: Where is the line between respecting the magnitude of what happened last December and being engulfed by it?
It’s permanently etched into our soul and psyche for the rest of our lives.”
This is a piece of significant history to our town, and we need to learn to incorporate that into who we are but not have it be the only thing that defines who we are.”

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